IV Therapy

    IV Therapy Services

    We offer IV Therapy with round-the-clock RN coverage that enables us to offer multiple dosing schedules. Though typically a service found at short-term care facilities, IV Therapy provides numerous patient benefits and is a highly effective and efficient way of treating multiple conditions.

    Our specialists work closely with residents’ primary physicians to treat a variety of issues, including:

    • Dehydration
    • Nutrition-related problems
    • Immune deficiencies
    • Disease-related pain
    • Infection

    For patients recovering from critical infections, including microbial infections that don’t respond to oral antibiotics, IV therapy provides the best way to quickly and safely introduce a sufficient quantity of antibiotics into the system. Also, many patients arrive in rehab with severe dehydration, and IV hydration therapy can be the quickest way to reintroduce fluids and electrolytes into the bloodstream.

    For patients who are unable to eat, IV nutritional therapy may be used to treat or avoid malnutrition. If a patient is too ill or too weak to eat, or if their digestive system is too impaired, they may receive a treatment called Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN). During TPN, nutrient-enriched fluids are injected directly into the patient’s vein with an IV.

    Few short- and long-term facilities provide regular TPN services on-site, even though the treatment is common among older populations. Typically, patients have to be transferred to a hospital to receive this type of IV treatment, which can carry a high IV therapy cost.

    Rehab Select is one of few long-term rehab facilities in Alabama with dedicated 24-hour nursing staff who are highly skilled at supervising TPN treatments. Rehab Select nurses follow high standards for prescribed administration, line maintenance, and IV monitoring.

    IV therapy is widely recommended for patients in rehab because it is an extremely safe, relatively non-invasive, and effective form of treatment.

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