It’s one thing to say that Rehab Select offers its patients and their family a high level of personalized, compassionate care. It’s entirely another to hear it from our best ambassadors—former patients and their loved ones. We’d like you to hear it from them, too.

“I would like to commend 2 CNAs that worked on the 400 Series Room.

They are: Andrea and Tequila. They were always prompt getting their jobs and tasks accomplished and smiled when I would compliment them. Both are hard-working ladies.

There was one nurse that impressed me a lot. Her name is Barbara, she was a weekend supervisor. It appeared that she made her rounds to visit all who were under her care, she was very pleasant and managed to actually talk to her patients! Truly a caring person.

And last but not least, all the ladies of the physical and occupational therapy unit. I have never seen a team work so well together. When the elevator doors opened, it was like entering the gates of heaven! The air was so fresh and clean smelling. They are all concerned about what it takes to get you back to your normal abilities! The facility was always immaculate! Thanks especially to Sheryl Suifert for taking me under her wings and figured out some of the small things that made a lot of progress on my long road to recovery. "


“I have been so blessed to come here. The people who work here are so lovely and care about patients. The employees are excited to do their job to the fullest. I see how hard they work together. I have grown stronger from how people treat each other. I’ll never forget this. Thank you for letting me come here." – Patient at Hillview Terrace


“I would like to say that, without exception, everyone did their best to make my stay at Hillview Terrace a very pleasant experience. Cynthia (OT) and Jennifer (PT) kept raising the bar with their exercises but not beyond what I could do. My wife and two sons could see the daily improvement. My wife commented that I was actually walking better than before."  – Patient at Hillview Terrace

Dear Mary,

I want to express my sincerest gratitude for the exceptional care that was provided for both my mother and my aunt during the many years they resided at your nursing home. I was so hesitant to put them in a nursing home because of the many horror stories I had heard about nursing home care. Your wonderful facility and your outstanding staff dispelled every negative concept I ever had. They received the best care imaginable and it went far and above the medical care and the palliative care. 

The staff treated my loved ones like they were their own personal family. They helped my mother and my aunt retain their dignity right up to the final days of their lives. They went above and beyond to ensure that they maintained a quality of life by paying attention to the small details of their lives (making sure their hair was fixed every single day, taking time to match their clothes, feeding them when they could not feed themselves, and dropping in at the end of their shifts to say goodbye). They did a million little things to ensure that they felt loved and cherished by the “family” that cared for them at Rehab Select. 

Your facility also gave my family the most precious gift we could ever ask for.  Peace of mind.  The knowledge that we could continue our own lives knowing that our loved ones were well cared for and well loved by the nursing home staff. Your final “gift” of sitting with my aunt during the last hours of her life, because I was out of town and could not get to her in time, sums up the level of dedication to service provided by Albertville Rehab Select. My greatest fear was that she would die alone. I will never be able to repay the kindness your facility exhibited by making sure that someone was beside her during those last hours. As the funeral home rolled the gurney from her room to the hearse, your staff formed a line behind the gurney and sang Amazing Grace. They stayed with her until the doors of the hearse closed. I will never forget that last show of love and concern. It was the most moving tribute I have ever seen. Thank you.

I tell everyone that Albertville Rehab Select is not just a nursing home. It is the best nursing home in the state of Alabama. 

Ann Landers


“So thankful for the staff at Rehab Select of Albertville for taking good care of my great Aunt the last couple of weeks! From admissions, therapy dept, speech, dietary, house keeping, nursing and last but definitely not least the CNAS. Everyone went above and beyond!”

Delila Carter

“The care I received from Rehab Select was the best I have ever had. During my one month stay, I felt at home. Everyone on staff was so nice – I can’t choose just one person that made my time there memorable as they were all wonderful. In addition, I enjoyed the food options and feel that I received something good to eat every day.”

“Dear Mrs. Meeks,

My wife, Gladys Hodge, was in your rehab facility for 21 days. I want to thank you and your staff for a wonderful experience. All of your staff, office, and nursing made us feel like family.

We are in the Ministry, so we have been in many hospitals, rehab centers, and nursing homes to visit and minister. We found you all to be the best ever.”

Thank You – Thank You – Thank You!!


P.S. Mary you are very sweet, too! God bless you all.

“Dear Ms. Sallee,

For two months Rehab Select was my "home"; and I thank you and your staff for welcoming me and providing outstanding care and rehabilitation for my many injuries. The entire rehab staff — in the Thearpy Department and on the Nursing Hall — worked every day to aid in my recovery. They treated me with dignity and respect; they comforted me when my spirits were down; they laughed with me when my spirits were high; and each one is a true professional.

“I am settled in at home and doing quite well considering how broken my bones were after a horrible automobile accident. I hope to have the final cast removed later this week and will soon be walking normally again, thanks to Rehab Select. Please relay my sincere thanks and appreciation to your staff.”

Yours truly,
D.H., Wetumpka, AL


“You are truly an inspirational team of professionals. I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and excellent care. Each of you have such a cheerful attitude and are very attentive to patient needs. That certainly makes a difference to those of us who yearn to be well and active. The patients can get down at times, but it always seems a nursing or CNA angel appears and makes things better. I have been so thankful for that. Sometimes there was gentleness, other time toughness to not give up. You have all been a blessing to me and others that you tend to each day. You each have a special calling that I thank you for on behalf of all those you serve. You’ll never fully know what you have done for others. You have freely given of yourselves in a professional and efficient manner.”

“To each and everyone that has had a hand and part in taking care of my precious brother Brian, I want you all to know how I deeply thank you from the bottom of my heart. Brian is my only sibling and I love him dearly. I am so thankful he has had such a caring staff of people with him. Each and everyone of you keep your eyes open watching down those hallways. Before we know it Brian will be walking to thank you himself down “Whiteside Way.” Keep Praying. I love and thank you all! God is good!”

Christy Whiteside Sharpe

“I am writing you this to let you know that you have a great OT – PT, nursing and C.N.A. staff here (at Shelby Ridge Rehab Select). They help you get your life back in order and they get your whole body back in shape. They also get you back on your feet and have you walking in no time. When they see me at the nurses’ desk they will talk to me about my problems and they also make sure that I take my medicines every day. They care about you and want to let you and your families know about your health. They are there for me and they all smile.”

Mr. Edwards E. Goggins

“I will recommend to anyone I talk to. Everyone went out of their way to help us. Thank You! God Bless You All”


“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and thankfulness for the caring and professionalism of the employees at Talladega Healthcare. I have been associated with approximately four (4) other nursing facilities during my sister, Eugenia’s time in a nursing home, and l can truly say she has not had the care at the other facilities she received at Talladega Healthcare. Every time there was a shift change, the incoming staff would come to our room, introduce themselves and offer their services. It also appeared that they were familiar with Eugenia’s wants and needs. She was not just another number to them. In addition, I also noticed that there appears to be enough personnel to do the work. I feel like this makes for better working conditions and continuity of employment. Your facility was clean and it appeared that everyone was at work performing their assigned duties. Once again, thank you for the outstanding experience Eugenia and our family had with your facility.”

Catherine G.

“Thank you so much for the care of my aunt Beatrice. You all were so nice during our last hours with my aunt. Words cannot express my gratitude to each of you”
Linda E. Niece of Beatrice G.

“This little note cannot express in words how much I appreciated all you and your staff did for me. If I had to be sick I was so glad I was there with you. I received the best of care and I will always remember all of you for getting me to walk again.”

“Shane has been with you for over a year, considering the way he was when he came to you; he has come a long way. I appreciate all you and your staff have done for Shane, while also taking good care of him. Just like any mother I am very protective of him, and I appreciate all of you being patient with me during this trying time. This has been very hard for me since he is the only family that I have. I know we started out rocky, but I feel like this has smoothed out for all of us. And I wanted to thank you and your staff for taking care of everything I didn’t know how to take care of.”

“To Miss Sunshine (Mary), & Helpers, You are very special and a delight Mary!! You light up Rehab when you visit your patients. Your caring attitude makes a patients day. You and your staff are outstanding, caring and loving. The RN’s are also very pretty. The food is absolutely great, tasty, and plentiful; the tea is like no other, it’s simply delicious. The rooms are clean thanks to Jerome constantly cleaning, the beds are also a dream to sleep on. Pt. with Bruce and Ginger is perfect and hard work but it gets us up so we can come home. I’ll never forget you Mary and your staff.
With Love,
Barbara C.


“To all the staff and all who worked with me during my stay at Talladega Rehab Select, I want to say you have made it a good experience. You saw I had my medicines and breathing treatments on time everyday with always a pleasant attitude. Many of you helped me to get in and out of bed; you saw to it that my food was delivered to me, even if that meant bringing hot water for my decaf coffee (you may not have to do that now). You also helped me to get dressed for therapy each day. I want to say “Thank You” to each one of you who showed that you cared through your actions and attitude. “Thank You” once again for all your help during my stay at Talladega Rehab Select.”

“I was a patient at your facility and was released last Thursday. I just wanted to say that I have never had the good fortune before to meet a finer staff. They were the friendliest, courteous, helpful, accommodating, and professionally competent staff I have ever met. Congratulations, your staff reflects great credit on you, the Health Center, and the city of Talladega.
Thank you so much for all the help you have been to me and my family.”

“Thank all of you for being so kind to me and helping me through my rehab! The lord will bless you for your kind ways.”

“Dear Mary, This note can not express in words how much we appreciated all the great services you gave us while we were there. Jim has gotten along so well due to your kindness and hard work. You all were so nice to us, and we both enjoyed all of our meals, and everybody there were great to us. Thanks for taking such good care of Jim.”
Much Love.

“Dear Staff – We want to thank you all for all the help and support you gave our family. I think you should be called “Care Center”"

“When you are at the mercy of others, it is a humbling experience. Your patience, help, care and instructions meant so much. You encouraged me to keep trying. You are truly special people. I praise the Lord for you being there when families need you.”

“Yes, many of the staff were very extra special and we would take them home with us if we could!”


“My sister has greatly improved, we were also impressed with the measures taken to keep her safe.”

“The therapy I received was above and beyond.”

“Thank you very much for the excellent care you provided for my husband.”

“Your staff went above all expectations.”

“The nursing care my dad received was awesome!”

“Thank you all for all you did to try and smooth out a very trying time for me”