About Us




At Rehab Select, we specialize in one very important thing—you. Your comfort. Your recovery. Your ability to get moving and healing so that you can get back to work, family and life. We see patients as real people, not numbers, diagnoses or lengths-of-stay.


We are not simply a rehab inpatient facility —we’re more.

What makes us different?

  • Caring, non-contract employees
  • Adaptive, physician-led rehabilitation that keeps you with us only as long as you need (between 14-16 days on average)
  • Rigorous, one-on-one therapy up to seven days a week, three hours a day
  • Compassionate long-term care and specialized services including and tracheostomy care and IV management.

Learn more about our five locations near you: Talladega, Albertville, Guntersville, Montgomery and Alabaster, Alabama.

Our Facilities

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