Workers' compensation cases are a specialty of ours here at Rehab Select. So what makes us stand apart from other post-acute care/rehabilitation options? Our unshakable commitment to meeting the specialized needs of all parties involved in these cases, including the injured employee, the employer, insurance companies and other stakeholders – a commitment that translates into exceptional service for all as we make meeting those needs our primary daily priority.

    The first key difference you'll find here at Rehab Select is that we accept and are well-equipped to handle many cases that other facilities can or will not tackle. This includes catastrophic cases, such as multiple fractures, traumatic brain injuries and accident-caused paralysis, to list just a few examples. We take pride in handling these cases well, providing aggressive, physician-led rehab programs; necessary medical care, including wound care; and rigorous therapies from all three disciplines, physical, occupational and speech therapy – to facilitate the best possible level of recovery and rehabilitation for each of these patients. Please feel free to contact us for more information on the complex cases we've handled – and the exceptional results we've been able to achieve.

    Of course, that sort of top-notch service is not reserved for just those catastrophic cases. We offer multiple levels of care to serve a wide variety of patients, and the same aggressive rehabilitation services and rigorous one-on-one therapy is provided to all patients in our care. Treatment plans are highly individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient and carefully formulated to meet those needs as determined by a thorough assessment by our team of skilled and experienced rehabilitation specialists.

    Now that we've outlined a few of the many reasons that Rehab Select is the place to be for exceptional patient care and rehabilitation, the next question to address is cost. While everyone would like to be able to provide top-notch care to injured employees without bottom-line worries, the reality is that cost containment is essential to the ability of employers and other stakeholders to provide those workers with the care they need to return to work as safely and quickly as possible.

    Rehab Select is very well aware of that reality, and we're just as aggressive about providing cost-efficient care – at much lower cost than rehab hospitals – as we are about providing aggressive and effective therapies. Our flexible, negotiable, cost-effective post-acute care programs are the foundation of the solid working relationships we've built with workers' comp networks, case managers, insurance companies and employers throughout the Montgomery area.


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